Thursday, September 09, 2010

Alotta Woo Loo

Post school hype about to emerge...
You know it, she knows it.
It's starting!
Glad I had my second cup of coffee!
Gracious child! You are your Uncle Walker!
Oh, and then, "Mom, WELLLLL, you see, if I jump like this, it's safe 'cuz I KNOW HOW!!!!!!"
"WENDY! NO! You will chip a tooth, girlfriend!"
"Oh! GOSH, MOM! O-------kay."
(Thinking Bubble---I know my mom. She'll have to use the potty in a few minutes, and then I'll get my chance again!)
("Hee hee.")
And I KNOW they had GYM DAY at school! Golly, FOUR year olds have as much energy as "STREE-YEAR-OLDS!"
PS I was just about to finish this post when Linc awakened. Wendy went in to distract my mighty strong man while I changed him, and she noted our destroyed and cracked-into-a-million pieces George Foreman Grill. (We store all of our damaged stuff in Linc's room for now--damaged by the moving company we hired.) Anyway, she said, "Mom, This is broken. I can't fix it, but I can replace it! I'll draw a picture of it, okay?!"

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Blogahon said...

The pictures of Wendy on the couch are beautiful, Laurel. The lighting is perfecto and she looks precious.