Monday, September 13, 2010

My Life According to My Cell Phone

At the dentist..............This evening, I wondered how to e-mail a photo I'd taken with my cell phone. Then I started thinking about the other pics on my cell, I thumbed through them and smiled as I remembered the many special moments, all stored up in my small, square, girly red cell phone. I decided to blog them. And as I waited for these pics to load, I thought of pics forever lost in cell phones past. I thought about how I had no clue how to free them from their digital vault deep inside my cell phone's brain. I didn't bother with it, I tossed the old phones and lost the images forever. I'd like to have some of those old pics back. I remember one I took of a bald baby Wendy, with our next door neighbor's Daughter, Anna, who at the time was a wispy-headed 2-year-old. I sat them up together in a large leather bomber chair and loaded it up with bald and wispy-headed baby dolls, which the two girls had gathered up earlier. It was an image very much like the one of Drew Barrymore, as a toothless cherub-faced child hiding among the toys in the closet in E.T. I wish I had that pic. And I think of one that used to inhabit my last cell phone---one of an x-ray of my hips. I'd waited for the surgeon to leave me alone, and then I eagerly snapped pics of my pelvic structure illuminated against a glowing lamp screen. Freaky but pic-worthy. It's gone. So, as you scroll down this eclectic collection of stills, I'll give you a bit of background for each. My challenge for anyone choosing to accept it, is this---blog your cell pics and give us a glimpse into the very moments you consider worth cell-shooting. Then, leave a comment on MY blog once you're done, with your blog address, and everyone will be delighted! Okay, so first, this is a pic I snapped on the way to one of our mother-daughter play dates. Wendy was in a particularly sweet mood, and this pic warms my mommy heart. Below-- James, at a country club in Vancouver where we took the folks for fish tacos. Those tacos were the BOMB and super cheap on certain days! We weren't members, but we went for the fish tacos!

Wendy's Mall Santa Pic. We've never missed a year, I don't think, of Santa pics. I don't just mean since having our kids. James and I, when dating, got our pic taken with Santa, then, when married---with our two cats. We took Daisy and Shasta to Pets Mart for pics with Santa. Yeah, it's a crazy obsessive compulsion now. When this pic was done, I was 9 months pregnant. I risked breaking my water walking that mall, but come Hell or high water, the Santa pic happens!

This was taken at the airport--it was to be Linc's very first plane ride to Texas to see family! He was such a newbie and he traveled so well. Didn't fuss a bit!

While visiting, we (he and I) stayed at Julie's, as did Nicole, and we girls, and dude, had a fantastic get-together!

Aunt Katie snuggling lil' Linc while we ate a delicious lunch outside. We'd shopped 'til we dropped!

Wendy enjoying a bribe toy. You know, the kind you grab at Target when a really big occasion comes up, and you don't have time to thoroughly, or properly, establish the expectation with the usual long, drawn out reasons for her future perfectly agreeable behaviour, which is absolutely necessary for this event----you tell her she'll be rewarded if she behaves like a big girl, and she does, and then she says, "MOMMY! Let's go get my REWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Linc's BIG toe was my screen saver.

Ballerina at Cafe Sip N' Play... Wendy, because she was only "stree" and because she's her, loves to just perform in the middle of anything, any group of adults, doesn't matter. She's "on!"


Love of Zhu Zhu under way...

Realizing for the first time that my Linc is BIG! A BIG ole boy!

A house James and I LOVED back in Vancouver. We took this pic hoping to make one like it here in Texas.

This is not my child. Okay, this is my child. On cola.

Children's Museum. Portland.

A frustrating drive. Wendy screaming, Lincoln fussing, traffic.

Tu Tu Zhu Zhu day at the park....

And Daddy napped...

My big ole boy gettin' bigger!

During the delivery of our shipment, I was frazzled by all the damaged furniture crossing our threshold, so I had to get Wendy out of the way, and we played at the mall. I was not a happy camper when I took this. Wendy had a great time though!

A Rainbow! Taken the other day!

The dramatic sky that night...

Last week, at the mall. I get to pick up the pics on Friday!

I find it so adorable when adorable kids think babies are adorable.

Watching Wonder Pets last night.

So there you have it. My life according to my cell phone. P.S. If you look at James' cell phone pics, you'll see one of me in the hospital bed holding newborn Linc on my chest and then about 20 pics of some truck's rims he was admiring in the parking lot. My goofy, cute James.

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