Monday, September 27, 2010

Super Fun Weekend!

"Is it my perfume?!"We just got in last night after an eventful and joyful weekend in La Vernia! Saturday evening, we headed to Seguine for a baby shower for Scott and Kim, who are expecting their first, a girl. I got to catch up with my sweet friend, Melanie, and her family. She has two boys, and the baby is just 10 days older than Linc and is about the same size. It was so fantastic to get to meet little Andrew. I already loved this cutie before I even met him! It was so delightful to see Andrew and Linc making the same babbling noises, the same grunts, the same facial expressions and spastic movements. Babies are so dang-darn precious!
Kim looks radiant as a mom-to-be.
Dad-to-be, Scott, Jason and Andrew and James and Lincoln.
The party was in full swing as soon as Wendy got a TREAT BAG from the gracious and thoughtful hostess!
3 4-year-olds doing what 4-year-olds love to do!
Somehow, and no, I did not witness this, Wendy managed to spill her bubbles. And the other two little girls' bubbles as well. Thankfully, the hostess was able to give the other girls new bottles. Wendy.
Sunday was the Duelm family reunion. The day before, I had fun making signs on poster boards and the night before, J's folks and I decorated the hall. The morning of, I wasn't sure Linc or I would make it because I'd been up all night with a fussy, not-at-all-right Lincster. He'd fussed at 1:30, 2:30 and at 3:30 barfed---James helped me by giving him a bath at this time, and he nearly got sick himself, dealing peeling his onesie off his gooey body. I had, however, just given him that organic squeezable baby food-fruit, thinking he must be super hungry. I guess it's not wise to force food down a baby in the wee hours of morning. I think the culprit was his teeth.
One half of the hall. There were twice this many at this year's get-together.
Yeah, Linc's been rather irritable lately, which isn't his nature, so we think it's the teething.
Wendy loved swinging, and for the first time, the weather outside was rather cooler, so pleasant!
My gorgeous mother-in-law and her likeness in male and baby-form!
Wendy won a centerpiece and as you can tell, was tickled!
Me and my fuzzy-wuzzy lovey-head.
Three generations. Mighty fine men.

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Duelm Family said...

Love the pictures!! We loved seeing y'all too!!!