Tuesday, September 07, 2010

First Day of Pre-K!

Sigh..........Sigh...........Today I have felt like, well, like I did at around this time last year. I can't believe it was only one year ago. It seems like she was at Joyful Learning longer than that, but no, she started Joyful Learning "as a young three," having just turned three. Now, she started Pre-K this morning. It'll be two days, 9-1:30. As her birthday was yesterday, I dressed her up and along with all the other sorts of things you need for the first day of school, like the tuition check, the doctor-signed note on letterhead stating she can hear and see and is good to go, the zip-locked bag containing spare clothes, clearly marked with her name, etc, we packed tons of goodies for her after-lunch, at-school party! As you see this first pic, lemme assure you, she did not take any Zhu Zhu pets to school! However, she asked.
Below you will see evidence that I desire for my child to be popular. Har har.
Quite popular. (Joking.)
Wendy is all girl, and as you can see, her backpack is pink, the bag containing the favors, had to be as well, and napkins to go along with cupcakes are princess/pink. Duh!
I felt so WEIRD packing her a LUNCH!!!!!!!!! I liked it! I felt like a mom on a whole new level! I'm a lunch-packing mom! WHOOP! Peanut butter and honey sandwich, fruit drink, fruit and fruit just so that she is regular. T.M.I.!
I read on the calendar, sent home with parents from the Open House, that Ms. Kristi's birthday was a few days ago, so I included a birthday card for her, from Wendy. I want her to be popular. Tee hee. In all seriousness, I just want her to be well-behaved and well-loved. What mother wouldn't think that's important? I want her to value others and celebrate them as well.
Ta Da! The Motto!
I was so happy I captured this moment!
Lining the halls were places for each child's loot. Loved it.
This is the most bizarre expression Wendy's ever made. Oh, well.
I won't be picking her up today. James will because it's storming and it's safer for him to get her in his big truck. And I can stay home with Linc. I hope he arrives to find her all smiles! I can't wait to hear all about her big day! I wonder if they made a lesson out of the thunder and copious rains all around their building!

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