Friday, September 17, 2010

How did I let this happen?!

Wendy, funny, silly Wendy loves her Zhu Zhu pets, and anyone who knows her well, knows this, as evidenced by her now, gulp, and I'm so embarrassed revealing this---14 Zhu Zhu pets, some of which had to be REPLACED! In my defense, I did not buy them all. Okay, that aside, one late evening, as James stood in front of the kitchen counter with a tiny screw driver, a mega pack of batteries and a small gang of juiceless hamsters, he said to me, in the sweetest of voices, "Honey, perhaps we should slow down on the purchase of Zhu Zhu pets as she runs them all over the carpet, which slows them down and makes them have to work harder, and well, batteries are expensive!" That was the moment my frenzied, eager-to-please mommy mind realized. I realized that it was quite excessive, her collection of these scurrying, squeaking annoyances. So, after her shots yesterday, while at Target for her courage treat, she wanted "Kingston," you know, the mohawked grey and white fluffy Alfa male Zhu Zhu pet---- because "I DON'T HAVE HIM AND HE REALLY WANTS ME TO BUY HIM AND LOVE HIM!" Wanting to break the cycle, I redirected her towards other toys, anything other than Zhu Zhu, cheaper toys, ANYTHING! Well, after hemming and hawing over Littlest Pet Shops, My Little Ponies, etc, we wound up with this adorable, lovable, adoptable, tiny kitten who, when you push the button on her tummy, PURRS and kicks her legs! When James got home last night, in his usual, kind and loving tone, he said to me, "Okay, that's cuuuute. Maybe we should start adding toys to her life that are not battery-operated and are not small and furry pets of any kind." Again, this frazzled mommy brain finally "realized" my mistake. WOOPS! I think I need my batteries changed! First Pic: Wendy's rogue newbie. Earlier this last week, we made a quick journey to Houston for my beloved friend's baby's birth! I packed in a hurry, remembering her noise machine, toothbrush, pj's, and pillow pet, but oh my! I FORGOT to pack even ONE ZHU ZHU! So, I told her Daddy had to take them all to the salon for sprucing up. That night, I e-mailed James and asked him to make them fancy for her return so she'd believe they were at the salon. Behold.....
This morning, Wendy declared that Nugget is not potty-trained. I had to rig this. Oh, and no, I could not forget to make a hole for his tale!
Occasionally her pets gang up on her and act out of line. That's when she puts them all in time-out. Last night, before bed, I had to do the customary Zhu Zhu-search. Here were several of the multitude, all humbly in their corners...

BAD Zhu Zhus!

I think for her 5th birthday, for Christmas, for Valentine's Day, we'll register her for batteries. Just kidding!

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