Friday, September 03, 2010

New Teacher, New Doc

Well, one of the thangs needs doin' when movin' is selecting a suitable teacher for your chirens as well as a suitable doctor. Check! Check! New pre-K teacher, Miss Kristi, could not be more ideal in every way. We attended Open House last night, dropped Wendy off in her classroom "Ahoy Mates!" At the threshold, on the floor, was a large poster with picture-choices for each child. He or she could give the teacher a handshake, a high five, a hug or a smile. Wendy opened her arms and gave a massively sweet hug! She walked right in. Next, we were corralled along with all the other confused parents, into the auditorium for orientation. Afterwards, we took a peek at Wendy in the room, and she was front and center, listening to a story and not one iota apprehensive. I think she benefitted greatly from her last preschool, and I give her former teacher the credit. Below is a pic of Wendy with her darling teacher.
Today we had our well baby and well child visit with Dr. Henderson. He impressed us with his kind demeanor, and I think the kids will be under fantastic care at this practice. Wendy is pretty much in the 50-75th percentile range in both height and weight. She had her hearing and vision tested and she cooperated quite nicely. She got a sticker. Lincoln, on the other, hand, phew. Man, oh man. My hunka hunka burnin' love is almost off the charts!!! He's 8 mos., 29.5 inches long, 21 lbs, 8 ozs., and his head is honkin' at 47 cm. Dr. H predicts our little man child, if he continues on this trend, will grow up to be 6' 2" tall! That's pretty surprising! Below are pics from today.

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