Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Babies, Babies, Babies!

Introducing my brand new nephew, Benjamin Patrick! We went over to meet the newest little guy, and wow, he is such a cutie. Here is a pic of my dad holding his grandson. My sister-in-law had a totally natural birth, in a hospital, but with a midwife, and I am in awe of her!
Checking out this stud.
Proud Aunt Lolly!
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And then yesterday, I got to see my dear friend, Julie, again and her baby girl, Izzie (Isabella Claire)! Here they are together right after they arrived at my mom's.
My mom thinks she is just so pretty. She truly is gorgeous.
I love her so much!
And here we are, two old college friends, who used to walk the campus together, wondering where on Earth our Mr. Rights were! Now, we're moms! And wouldn't it be somethin' if these two fall in love someday?! Hey, I can dream, can't I?
Posted by PicasaIn other news, I'm 32 today. I cannot believe I am that old, however, I was born in 1978, so yeah, that's about right! Dang! It's okay though. It's a great birthday so far! I am on a major diet, and have lost 10 lbs! I cut out the wine, the fast food, sweets, and some carbs. I have about 15 to go. And, last night, as a gift from my love, I went to Juan to get my hair done. Juan was my stylist 5 years ago. Then, I moved to WA and lost the cell that contained his number! I tried tracking him down, once or twice, but the salon said he'd moved on. I've had too many botched hairstyles, so this time, for my birthday, I was determined to hunt him down. At last, I succeeded! He was amazed I found him online, and it made his day! And I was ecstatic because this man is the single most talented hair stylist I've ever had the pleasure of surrendering my tresses to! He goes to Paris for hair shows, he has a side business styling these amazing wigs of human hair threaded through custom made silicone molds, and he's able to fix any disaster. The new salon was quite nice, I might add. Valet parking, coffee, and tons of fascinating reading material! And, it sounds like he'd be super spendy, but actually, he charges what others out there charge. He's just fabulous and now, I will never again touch my own hair, or let anyone else! My hair belongs to Juan.

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Texana said...

Wow, look at all the babies. Benjamin is a gorgeous little boy, Linc is a gorgeous big boy, and I cannot believe how much little Izzie has grown since I last got to hold her!!! Glad you got to give all the babies a BIG lovin'!