Monday, November 08, 2010

Party Time!!!

Yesterday afternoon, we took Wendy to her school friend, Cameran's, 4th birthday party at her house! This is the third party Wendy's been to in about a month. I'm getting to know most of the kids in her class (and their moms!) It's funny that some of the kids call me "Wendy's Mom." It seems that the girls associate mostly with each other, and the boys have their gang. And the girls talk about how they don't play with the boys. Not really hostile, but just sort of the way it is turning out to be! Below is the birthday girl, and Wendy, having just slid down the slide of the bounce house! The weather was PERFECT.
Woo Hooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even though she's in the shade, I like this pic.

James had a great time interacting with Lincoln, who was trying to figure out what on Earth this big inflated thing is!

"Ray of Son."

My Darling Boy!

The kids got to decorate their own mini cupcakes, and Cameran's mom was so creative, providing homemade icing in different colors, sprinkles and candies of all sorts. Wendy later said that this was her favorite part of the whole party.

Wendy loves her shadow, and I'm so happy I was able to capture it! I showed this pic to her today and I could tell she thought it was pretty neat-o!

Little cake-decorators at work~~~

Nicole and Yankton came in the Friday before, for the game, and Nicole and I took the kids to the mall, and, well, Wendy finally got to try out the bungee jumping. She was scared at first, but we talked her into it, and she loved it! I would holler, "Wendy, you're flying like Tinkerbell!!!" Looking a little uncertain....
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Mom, I LOVE it!

Putting on the feed bag at Buffalo Wild Wings. I love me some wangs. "6 Asian Zinger and 6 Caribbean Jerk, traditional, please with Ranch and extra celery. Thanks!"

Earlier that day, Wendy attended a birthday celebration for Griffin, another classmate! The kids ate pizza in the party room at the theater and then sat down, each with popcorn and M & Ms, to watch Mega Mind!

The party ensuing in the Par-Tay Room!

Trying out their party favors~~~

E-gash, my daughter is a teenager?!?!?!? Wah?!

Glancing back at me, I thought, "One day, she'll glance back at me and say, 'Mom, YES! I have my cell. (You're embarrassing me!')"

"Hey Cam, are you sure my hair looks okay?"

The Twist.

"Come on, Girls, movie's about to start."

The Birthday Boy!

All the kiddos.

And last, but not least, Wendy at home, before the 2-Party Weekend, adding some finishing touches to her friends' presents. I'm glad she's got school buddies and gets to hang out with them out of school.

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