Friday, November 19, 2010

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He's a mighty boy. Mighty BIG. It's just so funny to me, how he looks like the baby he is, with characteristic chubby cheeks, a fuzzy head, etc, but it's like he's half again the SIZE of the average baby his age! His head is so large. His hands. His feet. His BOD! He's HUGE! He's only 10 months old! Good grief!
In order to get the most genuinely happy smiles out of Linc, get Wendy to simply smile at him. He loves her tremendously! These were taken the other day. Wendy just looked at him, you know, gave him some of her attention.

Finally, she appreciates that he loves her. She knows it. My mom helped her to realize that to him, she is the world!
And, I crack up now, when I bathe them together. His head is about as big as hers, and his body is quickly catching up. From this point of view, I was reminded of ducklings in the water, with their little wet heads bobbing to and fro.
Linc can pull himself up over the edge of the tub and he can crawl around in the shallow water while holding his head high up, and I don't remember Wendy being as in control of her body in the tub. This shot is dear to me because you can see from Wendy's expression that she's enjoying him more now. Praise the Lord.
Independently playing...
Wendy thinks it's delightful to open the fridge door for Linc, who, like Wendy as a baby, loves to rummage around in there!
Some guilty little rascals...
"Now Wendy, you know you're too old to get into this sort of mischief!"
Of course, getting the two of them to cooperate, at the same time, for Christmas card photos was, well, impossible. We tried on two separate occasions, and we got nothing. I made silly noises, I jumped up and down, I begged, I scolded, I bribed, and I got nothing. This year's card will be a collage of what we did get. Here are some, a good sampling of the sort of shots we got. Oh well. Below, not exactly a smile out of Wendy, and none of Linc's face shows...
"Lincoln! Lincoln! Lincoln!" Nope, he's really interested in the leaves.
"Lincoln! Come back, Sweetie! Wendy, look UP! Look into my CAMERA! Smile, Wendy! Come on! Wendy!"
I desperately wanted for Wendy to look up at this moment, because the golden sun made her eyes sparkle brilliantly blue, but if she did, it was for a split-second, and the shots I got were of her head falling back down again.
So, don't laugh when you get our Christmas card. Hopefully next year's will be better!

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Kierstyn said...

I love that you posted the Christmas card pic bloopers. They will make you smile next year, when you're not still ticked. :-) Was that at "my" park? Next time, call and I'll bring a crew to help get your kiddos to smile.