Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

Without a break in the chain, James and I have gotten pics with Santa since we started dating! First time, it was just the two of us with ole St. Nick--totally as a joke. Then later, as newly weds, we took our two cats, Daisy and Shasta, to the pet store for a "family" picture with Santa! It was hysterical. Wendy's first Santa pic was a cute image indeed, with a tiny, bald, Santa dress-wearing Baby Woo Loo! And we've got one of a screaming Toddler Wendy as well! If they weren't all in storage, I would blog all 7 or 8 of these pics in order, and you'd get to see the whole collection! One day, I will frame them all together and whip it out at Christmas time. Such a treasure, these Santa pics. Yesterday, Linc was somewhat under the weather, and getting a smile at this moment in time was impossible. Wendy was very agreeable, however, and more than eager to tell Santa that she'd like a bike for Christmas. She asked him, "Santa, are YOU going to make my bike?!" To which he replied, "My elves will." That works for her!

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KatieLee Photography said...

Very cute! At least Linc wasn't screaming bloody murder like when Wendy was his age! ;)