Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Poem Time!

A Poem, by Foo-Foo Feline, Wendy Lynn, and Fuzzy-Headed Chicken Boy Wonder, Lincoln (and with a little help from their coo-coo mommy)

Once upon a time,
T'was Halloween night,
When tumbling out onto the street,
A silly, silly sight!
A girl of four dressed as a cat!
A baby boy a'kickin'!
His mean ole mama transformed HIM
into a puffy chicken!
The spooky thing about this mess----
When they should have objected,
This proud she-cat and puffed up cock,
Just laughed when t'were subjected!
And off they went to gather treats
to fill their eager pumpkins
and everyone whose eye they caught
Said, "Those two sure are somethin'!"

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