Monday, November 15, 2010

A Boy is a Boy

My mom is visiting. I love it when she comes! She adds such a ray of sunshine to our humble town house with her laughter, her fun suggestions for outings, her presence. Today, we took the kids to Chili's for salads (well, they had baby food and a corn dog). And then, we visited our local library! Something I hadn't done with both of them yet! She sat at a table in the youth books area, and read to Wendy, while I followed a crawling Lincoln throughout the aisles. One thing about Lincoln. He's rough. Wendy was a dainty and gentle baby who handled objects gently. Lincoln is a solid tank who yanks things, throws things, bangs things together. Today, at the library, he'd pull books out and discard them rather callously onto the floor. If the book was large and heavy or wedged in tightly, he pulled HARDER! He'd grip the spine of the book with his chubby man-hands and YANK! And then toss it and move on to another. A boy is a boy. A totally different creature. Below is a pic of him with another rough and tumbly boy, the son of a friend who goes to our new church. Timothy and Lincoln had a ball standing here at this bench and just laughing at anything and everything!

Filling y'all in on the latest, yesterday I went to the ER. At 6 a.m., I had a severe headache behind my right eye and couldn't stop throwing up. So, after several hours of this misery, James and the kids took me. They gave me an iv with meds, made me feel much better, and then did a cat scan and spinal tap. I'm fine, thank the Lord! It stinks that we will be paying for these tests, however, better safe than sorry. I was told my symptoms were consistent with a brain aneurysm, and the first ones are often missed, and it's the second ones that kill, so I went ahead and had the tests done. So, my first migraine. Mom, go ahead and write it down in the baby book. Just kidding. Not fun. At all.
And In other news, we love our new babysitter, Mattison! She's 18, one of 7 kids, a Christian, home-schooled, and a blessing! Here's a pic of her recently with the kids!

Life is good.


Julie said...

Oh yea! So glad that Timothy and Lincoln are buds!! I know Timothy's parents...they are a whole family of dolls!

Kierstyn said...

Thanks, Julie! Bring your new doll up here to meet us!!