Sunday, January 02, 2011

Christmas Day!

SANTA CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Her new bike! She'd worked hard the past couple of months to EARN this bike. She slept through every night, without resisting her bedtime, or waking us up for this or that, and put a sticker on her calendar, marking every night of success, and this bike was a triumphant gift indeed! She got a helmet, which she pronounces "HULLmit," knee pads, and skates for days she feels like zipping around on foot!

Our happy, happy girl...

Later on we enjoyed the remainder of the sacred holiday at my aunt and uncle's house. They are artists, and their home is filled up with amazing pieces, like the piece behind the crowd below, titled Tree of Life.

This Christmas was perhaps the happiest of Christmas days in my life for several reasons. Wendy was old enough to anticipate the day, she was so ecstatic, I was surprised by a very special and completely unexpected gift, and the love I share with those close to me is strong and blessed. How true it is that it's not the quantity of loved ones we have, but the quality of the ones we have that matters. I have a handful of true friends I will cherish for life, and a family that is loving, loyal and inspirational. I thank my God for the relationships He's given me.

Victor and Wendy played together upstairs so very well. I am thankful to him for giving her his attention. He's a jewel.

Playing with the light....

Lincoln is Mr. Grabby-Grabby. Watch out for this guy. Don't trust him with your dinner!

"Merry Christmas, Lincoln!"

My wonderful father...

Grumpy Little Old Man.

Mr. Grabby-Grabby at it again...

Don't try it, Linc. Mimi's on to you!

Artists and food go very, very well together. The duck was fabulous.

Aunt Suzon loving on Linc..

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