Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two Tots in One Spot ~

Yesterday I took the kids to Chick-Fil-A, and they enjoyed exploring the tunnel slide. If I may, I would like to tell y'all readers just how different boys are from girls, or perhaps how different one child can be from his or her sibling. Duh, right? But wait! It's true! Wendy, at Linc's age, would sit in my lap and allow me to read board books to her. She focused on them. She listened hard and then concentrated on repeating the sounds I made. She was verbal. Linc, when I put him in my lap to read to him, forcefully slams his book shut, or swats it out of his way and struggles to be freed so he can crawl over to something that he'd rather study on his own. He is visual. He studies objects and tries to manipulate them---tries to draw, tries to put things together.
Wendy wasn't too cautious, but more so than Linc is. At the mall, he crawled up the steps (a first) and slid down the slide without hesitation, sliding all the way down ON HIS FACE!!!!!!!!! I was terrified! He was laughing! He crawled back up again! I tried to climb up the tube slide to help guide him down. I couldn't get high enough in it, and as soon as his slippery sweat panted bottom took that corner, he spun around onto his head--BONK!---I gasped. He laughed! The next time I reluctantly carried him up the structure and attempted to slide down with him in my lap. He kicked and screamed. Not his idea of fun. Crazy boy.
He IS trying to say some words. It's touch and go. Sometimes everything is ba ba or "eye." Yesterday, he crawled over to me with a ball in his hand, offered it up to me and asked, "BaaA?" Everything is high-pitched and has an inflection at the end of the single-syllable word. He points to his eye and says "eye," but then points to the light above and asks, "IeeE?" He says, "ga" for car, and "baby," he says pretty well. Months ago, I got him to say "tull-tull" for turtle, but he hasn't said it since.

He enjoys Sister's shows as much as his own Baby Einstein videos.
At times, he doesn't even know that he is just begging to be hugged and kissed...
Like when he innocently strikes this kind of pose...

Like Wendy at his age, I love going in to him when his nap has ended, and he's standing there and grinning ecstatically!
I watched an old video of Wendy as a toddler, and oh my goodness, how I MISS her as a baby! She was 1 plus some months and she'd holler at me from the backseat, "Ba ba. black. sheep. aGAIN!" I'd rewind the song. She paused between words and articulated them so well at such a freakishly young age. Yesterday an older gentleman at Chick-Fil-A complimented her vocabulary. She uses words like "recognize" and others that surprise me. She picks them up from teachers, wherever. She is verbal---highly verbal. Linc, not so much, but again...."him is a boy, and boys develop differenty." I embrace their differences with awe and wonder!

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