Sunday, January 02, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve with my brothers and their families = tons of wild fun. I am always astonished by the volume of paper after the kids have ripped into their presents! Crazy.I love this pic, even if dim, of my brother, Sean, and his brand new baby boy. So cozy and sweet.

Linc is checking out a toy his cousin got. It's so interesting to me how boys gravitate towards boy toys without being taught to do so!

Wendy wanted to be involved in the passing out of gifts. She did a very good job!

The best job was passing gifts to HERSELF!

My mom is a saint for all of the entertaining she does, and all of the destruction that comes with the passage of the storm that is grandchildren.

Cousins Wendy and Maggie look identical from the back.

Aunt Missy bonding with Linc.

Steph and Ben...

Aunt Steph made personalized cookies for the kids~ (I ate Linc's. But don't judge me. I ate it "as Santa" so she'd believe he'd really come to our house!)

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