Sunday, January 02, 2011

Monkey Bizness

While visiting Houston, I took Wendy out on "special occasions" so that she could escape the stuffy grown-up environment, burn that kiddo energy, and so that I could focus on her a bit. I looked online and found a play place called Monkey Bizzness, and I'm not sure how to spell it. Bounce houses galore! Wendy had a ball, and I played around with the various settings on my camera and am proud of the pics that resulted from my experimentation!Her face is elongating now. She's looking more mature. Where is her round, pudgy baby face going?

I love her baby teeth when she smiles with a parted mouth.

She is such a dear girl. I love her with my whole heart, and I have big hopes for her life to be one that glorifies her Heavenly Father as she uses the gifts He's given her at every opportunity.

Maybe she could become a Christian motivational comedian?!

She always makes a friend wherever she goes...

And she brings out the monkey in 'em all!

It looked like fun. I wanted to sneak in and play with her, but I hadn't paid for myself, and I wasn't wearing socks. Humph!

So, if I lived in H-town, I would do a birthday party at this place. Reasonable price list. Check it out if you live there and have little ones.

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