Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I found these outfits, which I think are so gorgeous, at Hong Kong Market in Houston, and I got one size larger than they wear now, because Wendy would like to be Kai Lan for Halloween. Then it occured to me to go ahead and snap a few pics in celebration of the New Year! However, the Chinese New Year is to be Feb. 3rd this year. Anyway, it's okay. Here are my two tykes, wishing all of you a blessed 2011!

I was astonished that the hat actually fits Linc right now! His head is so large, it's hard to find caps for him.

I think the lady was telling me that this outfit is really pajamas. Should be as they are so silky and comfy!

"Happy New Year!"
Below are several additional posts. I've finally caught up completely! One New Year's resolution checked!

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