Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dr. H and Linc

My mom whipped out her camera during Linc's 1-year well child appointment, and I am so happy with this picture! Lincoln is not afraid of men, and she thinks it's because he's so fond of his daddy. We showed it to James, who thinks this picture is somewhat Norman Rockwell-ish. I think so, too. What I love is that they are joyfully engaging one another, and Linc's expression is so precious. As you may have read in the post below, Lincoln's check-up went well. He is a big boy in the 95% for ht. and head, and 70% for wt. Dr. said he's expecting him to grow to 6'2" or so "and his head is big so he'll likely be an Aggie." Ha ha ha.

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