Sunday, January 02, 2011

Houston Children's Museum Day

On another "special occasion," I took both kids to the Children's Museum. Um, phew!!! I hadn't a stroller, this place had three levels, was ENORMOUS, and I had to chase my runner and my crawler, who often rushed out in opposite directions! Still, they had an incredibly fun day, so it was worth my exhaustion!While making her own gingerbread house, I held Linc on my lap (get this, this CHILDREN'S museum's "Kid Cafe" has NO highchair! There are no "baby-holders" in any of the craft rooms, so we moms with babies had to struggle to keep their grabby hands out of the materials!) So, that said, I was helping Wendy when all of the sudden, all of the moms at the table burst out with laughter. Linc had seized the sugar paste bowl and spreader and was GOING TO TOWN!

Linc is a very conscientious grocery shopper. He checks all the labels' expiration dates.

Yes, I am quite proud of my fine young man. He is so advanced, he's already completed driver's ed, and he has been made an honorary law enforcer! Here he is on the job.

"Hey, I think I see somebody illegally parking!"

"Lemme check my rear view mirrors. I think that dude behind me is too close. He needs a citation."

"Oh I am sick of this song. Let's find some good country."

"And here we are! Dunkin' Donuts! Everybody out!"

Learning together...

In "Mexico," Linc became nearly permanently attached to this beloved, however cumbersome, paddle.

Heavy it was, but stronger is Linc.

As he toured around on all fours, this paddle banged into every wall, every fixed piece of furniture, even bonked him in the head once or twice, but he refused to give it up.

You'd think he'd be walking by now, as this sort of activity is commonplace, but no, he is content to be a floor grazer.

I ask you, what makes something like this paddle a pacifier of sorts? In what way is this awkward tool comforting? I really don't get it and that's what's so dang-darn funny about my Linc.

Wendy in China....

The museum was fantastic, thoroughly educational, and I will surely return, and return, and return.

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