Sunday, January 02, 2011

Lincoln's First Birthday Party

I have only a few pics to post for now as my friend, Katie, took quite a few of him eating his cake, etc, and is editing, but I did video tape the event, and I can say with confidence that his first party was everything I hoped it'd be for him. He felt well, he ate well, he played well. Praise God! James' boss from years ago, and his wife, and another former work friend came to Linc's party, and we were touched, and enjoyed catching up with them.
Gerry hadn't ever met our children!
Sadly, all of the cousins were sick with a virus, however, the older boy cousins, "The Boy Scouts," did come, and Wendy and Linc didn't notice the lack of children with the scouts' bubbly presence.
Even though Christmas had taken place the day before, Wendy was thrilled to receive additional Christmas presents! Like this tunnel, and Zhu Zhu stuff "accessories," as she calls them!

The cake.

The guests...

I can't really believe he's already one year old. Where has the time gone? Makes me weepy.

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